Last Updated 7/31/03
. . . more boards . . . NOS Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp 4 (completing my Roskopp Target series!) . . . Skull Skates Steve Olson SOS . . . NOS Skull Skates Dead Guys . . . Brand-X X-Con and X-Con II . . . NOS Steve Olson Skates Stinger. . . BirdHouse Old School Series . . . Mint Uncle Wiggley Epoxy/Glass (post Magnusson) . . . NOS Deck Crafters Duane Peters . . . Almost-new SMA Natas Panther 2. . . New Black Label Steve Olson models . . . Madrid Mike Smith Re-issue . . . Almost-NOS Powell Peralta Rodney Mullen Chessboard. . .

Doug "Pineapple" Saladino Interview!


Welcome to Spy Hill Skateboards

Who in the hell are we? Spy Hill Skateboards is the brainchild of Tim Steenstra and Adam McGavock, two 30-plus second wave skaters from Arlington, Virginia. We decided to start a website dedicated to our collection of decks, trucks, wheels and other assorted skate stuff. We took our name from a downhill spot in Arlington that once served as a lookout point for confederate soldiers. If you have ever ridden Spy Hill, please email us!

We buy and trade old wide boards, trucks and wheels from the 70s and 80s. We are not a store, or a mail-order warehouse, just two guys with a bunch of cool old skategear. We will occasionally sell items from our collection, but not very often. Please do not email us asking for a price on something. We don't put prices on our collection. If you see something you want, make us an offer (and your best bet is to offer a trade, preferably something from our want list) and we will consider it.

Check back from time to time, as we'll be adding more pictures and boards as they arrive. Ultimately, we'll be adding a section on our own home-brewed boards, but that'll be a while. Read on and enjoy.