Independent 109 – These are first generation (stage 1) Independent trucks. These have been used, but are still in great shape for setting up my old Dogtown.

Lazer Slaloms – Classic 70s slalom trucks. These NOS beauties were the coolest looking truck design. They looked especially nice with the cusom made risers that match the shape of the baseplate.

Motobilt 150 – Great old school trucks from a company that started out doing motorized skateboards. This NOS set is about 9 inches wide. These are great for a vintage wide board.

Strokers – Stroker Trucks were a mid 70s attempt to revolutionize truck design. The complex design utilizes pivots and struts, and really works well for turning. These were a dismal failure when they were introduced, due to their high price. They are a LOT more expensive now!

Tracker Mid Tracks – Here’s a mint set of 1970s Tracker Mid Tracks. Tracker was the shit in the 70s and early 80s. In my opinion, Independent made a better truck, but showed up later and took some time to catch up. Even still, for setting up a Fiberflex or an early pig this is the one to use.



Belair Edgers – Big wheels that came with the first wave of wide boards. Circa 78-79, these came from Crofton Maryland’s first skateboard company. Great wheels for park riding!

Belair Lip Cones – Extremely rare single conical version of Belair’s most famous wheel – the Lip Bomb. I’ve never seen an ad for these, and I’m guessing that like most single conicals, these little beauties weren’t on the shelf for long.

G&S Wonkers – A very rare find here, even rarer in mint condition. These were the first wheels that G&S marketed. They did not, however, produce them. These wheels were made by Kryptonics! These wheels were made at the same time that Kryptonics was making/selling Star Traks. Wonkers use the same urethane with a simple Road Rider-shape mold.

G&S Yoyo 50/50s – NOS Classic two-tone wheels circa 1979. These are probably the best wheels that G&S ever made. The conicals are machined, not from the mold. They only made these for about a year. Sweet, sweet wheels! Here’s an older set of Yoyos.

Kryptonics C65 – Everyone who skated in the 70s rode these wheels at least once. This is a new-old-stock (NOS) set in the green (92A) durometer.

Kryptonics CX66 – Here’s a NOS set of early 80s Krytonics double conicals. These were sweet wheels that I had on a couple of my old axes. We also have a red set that’s just slighly used.

Kryptonics 63.5 CSI – Another NOS set of Kryptos, this set of double conicals is from the mid 80s, in a versatile 85A durometer.

Powell Roller Bones – These are early wheels from Powell. They don’t say Peralta, but unlike the original bones – which were printed on the inner face – these wheels have the name, size and durometer embossed on the outside. They are not very wide and quite soft – 78A . Even though they were made for fruit boots, they’d make great bombing wheels!

Powell Peralta Cubics – From about 1981 to 1985, these were the best (and most copied) skateboard wheels available. Slightly narrower than the original Powell Cubics (58mm vs. 64mm), the Mini Cubics quickly supplanted the Cubics as the top selling Powell wheel. The dual radial design was functional, and the urethane formula (95A) was outstanding for smooth surfaces. (These are also great wheels for downhill sliding!) The thick outer lip was great for riding, but it made bearing removal a real bitch. Nevertheless, just as the Wings IIs were the quintessential single conical, the Powell Mini Cubics are the quintessential dual radial design. They are the benchmark of early 1980s wheels. In case you cant tell, we are very excited to have this set of NOS natural Mini Cubics in our collection! We’ve also added Street Cubics recently.

Powell Peralta Twos (85A) – A NOS set of a rare set of Powell wheels from around 1981. Other than the lathed back, these were pretty much identical to the Threes or Street Cubics.

Powell Rat Bones (90A) – A NOS set of the ORIGINAL Rat Bones wheels, in the original harder 90A durometer.

Santa Cruz OJs (65mm) – A NOS set of the ORIGINAL OJs. This was an early entry for NHS in the skateboard wheel market. They were a HUGE success too. Along with Road Riders (also a Santa Cruz product) and Kryptonics, these wheels ruled the 1970s skateboard scene!

Santa Cruz OJ II Speed Wheels and Slime Balls – Santa Cruz introduced their revolutionary speed wheels in about 1986. They all featured center set bearings, dual radius edges, and really great formulas. These are the first run of both of these wheels with simple graphics and bright colored urethane

Sims Snakes Flatbacks – Mint old Sims Snakes in the ever popular natural or white. Great wheels!

Sims Comp 2 Conicals – Mint Sims Comp 2 Conicals! I’ve been trying to get a set of these for a while now. Single conicals are some of the rarest and coolest wheels. Why? Well, the skateboard companies only made single conicals for a short time at the end of the 70s. They had to lathe the backs of the wheels to create the “conical”. The extra labor and expense didn’t last long. Sims, Alva, Dogtown, Gullwing (Wings) and others made these wheels to accompany the first wave of pigs. If you have an old Dogtown or Sims pig from this era, the only way to go is single conical…

Sims The Wheel 2 double conicals – Beautiful NOS Sims the Wheel 2 s in Natural/White. These were and continue to be some of the best vert wheels ever made. Yet they were never as popular as Powell Mini Cubics or OJs or Kryptos. It might be because they had a really stupid name. This is a great old school set.

Sims B-52s – These Sims wheels were originally called the “Brad Bowman”, but by 1982 they started marketing them as B-52s. This is a nice NOS mismatched 4 color set. I also have a mint set in purple.

Turbines (metal cored wheels) – Very cool metal cored wheels from the mid 80s. These are very fast, and ultra light.

Variflex Wheels – Rare NOS mid-seventies wheels from Variflex. Not sure what they called these???

Variflex Cubics – Variflex knock-offs of the most popular wheels of the time (see Powell Peralta Cubics above).

Variflex X Cores – Later Variflex wheels, but I loved these. I had an orange set, but now there are only two…



AirFlow and Belair Stickers – Awesome huge AirFlow bumper sticker, and some 70s stickers from Belair.

Alva and Caster Stickers – Some really excellent stickers in this group Check out the Inouye and the Caster Strople stickers.

G&S Stickers – Big G&S Bumber sticker, Stacy Peralta Warptail sticker and a couple cool surf stickers.

Kryptonics Stickers – Some classic early stickers from one of the best skateboard companies in the late 70s and early 80s. Check out the Star Trac sticker!

Powell Peralta Stickers – Great sticker from Powell Peralta. Of special note here are the Alan “Ollie” Gelfand and Ray “Bones” Rodriguez stickers.

Santa Cruz Stickers – Great selection of early Santa Cruz stickers. Their logo is one of the best.

Truck Stickers – Here we have some classic stickers from Tracker and Gull Wing.

1970s Stickers 1 – Great ones from the late 70s here. Rare Cherry Hill Skateboard Park sticker!

1970s Stickers 2 – Another blast from the past. A huge Bad Co. Curt Kimbel metallic sticker. Dog Town, Rad Pad, Power Pivot, and Starblazers too.

Various Stickers – A few that didn’t fit in the other groups. Sims, Vision, Variflex, and Zorlac stickers.

Belair Frisbee – Neat Frisbee from Belair Skateboards.